Maria Sokolova
Maria Sokolova
Manager of the customer care department

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Product Certification Center ☑VIPTEST

Focus on manufacturing and sales while we are certifying your production.
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Export of goods to Russia and CIS countries

Do you export or plan to export your production to Russia, Eurasian Economic Union (the Customs Union), Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Armenia?

If your work in the following fields, then it is necessary to get a product certificate:

  • Mechanic engineering, electric engineering, instrument manufacture
  • Medical products
  • Consumer goods
  • Hand building tools
  • Textile industry
  • Food industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemo and beauty industry
  • Products made of wood, tub and raw materials
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Toys

In order to avoid the waste of time, preparing a document set needed for receiving the certificate, you should contact a special center.

You won’t be distracted from your actual tasks and challenges, a personal manager will assume all the unpleasant paper-laden process in public authorities. He will keep an eye on the accuracy of filling in forms and statements for successful passage of all the stages of certification.

Focus on manufacturing and sales while we are certifying your production.


Our experience — Your benefit!

Certification Center ☑VIPTEST.COM has 16 years of experience in the field of certification of conformity registration, declarations, exemption letters and permissions.

We help to get documentary security evidence of domestic and imported products without wasting time and bothers without being distracted from your business.

Centre’s experts have registered more than 3200 certification documents, technical regulations and fire safety standards of the Customs Union in the last 5 years.


Advantages of the certification center

  • Working with foreign customers

    In addition to Russian companies, we cooperate with firms from the European Union, USA and Canada.

  • Individual support

    A manager responsible for the support of the order is assigned to control the result and observance of terms.

  • Guaranteed quick result

    Long experience helps the professionals to determine the optimal way of achieving the result.

  • Services on a turnkey basis

    The certification center takes the responsibility for the fastest possible positive result after signing the contract. Also, the center does all the organizational work with documents.

Maria Sokolova
Maria Sokolova
Manager of the customer care department
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How can one get the certificate? Easily!

Your application
Receiving input data from the customer
Leave a request
Document plan
Approval and payment of the document plan that is ready for sending on the registration
Determination of the precise time frames, procedures and the cost of the certification
Receiving an e-copy and the original document in hand in the day of preparedness.
Have already received the product certificate
General Electric
Bundle of knowledge
12 years experience in the documentation field
We care about your time
Document delivery in the day of preparedness
Notifications about the status of the application by email and SMS
Entry in the register in a day

We register more than 60 types of documents

Declaration of Fire Safety
Declaration of Fire Safety
Low Voltage Safety Certificate
Low Voltage Safety Certificate
Unconstrained fire certificate
Unconstrained fire certificate
Declaration of TR CU
Declaration of TR CU
Certificate GOST R
Certificate GOST R
Сertificate of fire security
Сertificate of fire security
Certificate 032, pressure equipment
Certificate 032, pressure equipment

Simplified steps of documentation receiving

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